• auto-assign
    🤖 A Probot app that adds reviewers to pull requests when pull requests are opened.
  • md2confl
    🛠 md2confl is a CLI tool to convert the markdown text to confluence wiki format.
  • auto-assign-action
    An action which adds reviewers to the pull request when the pull request is opened.
  • catchy-image
    🎨 A Node.js module for dynamically generating Open Graph images.
  • coverage-markers
    📦 Atom package to display JavaScript test coverage on gutter of editor.
  • task-complete-checker
    A Probot app that checks if all tasks are completed in the pull requests.
  • portfolio-gatsby
    😎 kentarom's portfolio site
  • resume
    💻 My resume
  • mkissue
    🎫 Create GitHub issues from importing CSV file.